Grayson Perry

Louis Vuitton for Grayson Perry

Louis Vuitton commissioned Tessa to make a dress for Grayson Perry to coincide with his show The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman which it sponsored  at the British Museum. The dress was designed by a student, Morgan Levy and her prize was to have it made to couture standard and then to be worn by Grayson.

It was an exceptionally unusual commission for  Tessa as she had no contact with either the designer or the wearer throughout the making process. An unknown craftsman indeed!

The dress was a duchesse satin cloak with thousands of pearls ornamenting the hood and openings, expertly printed at Nicola Killeen textiles with giant ejaculating penises and a central yellow panel encrusted with crystals. Tessa engaged expert beaders Anja Fenske and fellow designer Jenny lessin to assist in the project.

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