Current projects

MFA Degree Show Goldsmiths 2020

The Legacies And Their Remnants

‘A father, before his death, distributes his British Empire stamp collection amongst his four children according to territory.

A daughter inherits a mahogany sideboard that was purchased by a grandmother she never knew.

A mother advises a daughter on how to dress in a country neither of them have ever visited….’ *

Legacies transferred between members of a white British middle-class family as objects, collections, clothes, ideas and even conversations constitute an archive from which I draw and weave connections to a barely concealed colonial past, using the tools of garment-making and drapery presenting sculptural installation which is further animated through performance and participation.
Khaki-clad imperial foot-soldiers masquerade as a curtain whilst a finely crafted Victorian sideboard made from ‘tropical’ mahogany attempts to expel its connection to shameful past only to be upended by it. I ask how coloniality is maintained through these legacies how they become held in our bodies. Could acknowledging the discomfort of this recognitition trigger the trauma of shame and move the legatee toward a state of healing as proposed by therapist Resma Menakem? Or perhaps just look over, beyond these things, through the tall window across to London’s barbed horizon, resting your gaze for a moment on Drake’s galleon, the weather vane turning imperceptibly atop the old town-hall, which is Goldsmiths.

* Extract from installation text, see image.