Studio Chamber

I started developing Studio Chamber in Feb 2012. Having made a similar, larger structure for the MAOS project in 2011, I was keen to experiment with making other versions for different environments. The MAOS 1 structure was suspended from a tree using rope. Studio Chamber uses my studio ceiling to hang from.
Using a variety of materials, and structural elements, studio chamber offered a warm space for me to think and work in, but increasingly I used it for meetings and discussions. For convenience I worked out a system for hoisting it on to the ceiling when not required.

Sept 2013: Studio Chamber was one of the works presented at Anton Burdakov’s ‘Must-Have’ exhibition in the furniture shop Ligne Roset-City. See film.

In Oct 2013: Studio Chamber was selected to be part of 3FF’s group show ‘Urban Dialogues’ at the Red Gallery.

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