Month: May 2015

words about shirts again

The staple; the American Gossypia variety produces long threads ‘staples’ meaning that the cotton can be woven finer. This is sea island. Makes beautiful fine strong cotton fabric for shirts. The specialist shirt makers are working to improve the comfort, style and durability. The collar is the frame for the face- what do the points… Read more »

Shirts, getting Shirty. An aid to communication

I love shirting. The fabric that exists and that is manufactured for shirts. It sounds. In fact I must record it. Perhaps the sound is an indication of weave and quality. It’s weave is tight and the surface gently reflects a glow. The stripes are woven in either warp or weft and the colours tone… Read more »

The tallit

Maisie’s Batmitzvah on Saturday was a wonderful event. A young girl launched in to adulthood supported by her family and friends and in a ceremony with light but potent spiritual significance and questioning. The pamphlet that guided our comprehension of the tradition said that the tallit worn by the faithful, kept the MATERIAL world at… Read more »

chatter in my head about cloth

yeah yeah yeah, so we know that slaves and the impoverished tilled and harvested the cotton fields in America providing abundant cotton bales to be shipped to Manchester for spinning weaving and finishing in the 1700’s and that technological innovations in speeding this process fuelled the Industrial revolution. And today there is known to be… Read more »