Current projects

Changing Room

The Changing Room Ting is the most recent iteration of Studio Chamber, the retractable textile room.

It is made in a light blue Shetland Wool tweed with a duchesse satin ‘ceiling’ visible when shrouded by the structure. For Tent London I decided to make additional comfortable seating to sit underneath, that would reinforce my intended use for the piece – to offer relief from the demands placed on our attentions at trade shows, in this instance!

Quote by artist Marg Duston;

“… The rickety ephemeral childhood den is synthesised into something beautifully crafted and engineered but still retains some of that – can’t think of word – precariousness – in that it hovers – it isn’t a dead space – there are slight movements as it responds to what is going on outside.  As the telescopic crinoline shape descends over your head a perceivable shift occurs as the sensory overload of the outside world is transformed into a calm and meditative space – there is still an awareness of the outside world but its dominance is filtered out. Perhaps an hourglass is a better analogy in terms of referring to time passing and the potential effect of making you more mindful of time in terms of the now.  Maybe it is not until the structure ascends when you are once again assaulted by the auditory and visual noise of the everyday that you are truly aware of the respite you have just experienced.”