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Uniform : Bodymapping

Bodymapping is a hands-on method of creating templates than can be used as the basis for making garments for oneself and others. It is a small group workshop where individuals work in pairs and as a group, laying cloth over each other’s bodies and systematically pinching out the excess fabric in order to mold the cloth to a person’s form. No measuring is required in this sculptural exercise.

It is a simple, practical workshop that is fun and engaging and at the same time opens up discussion around the purpose and function of dressing in the world, as well as exploring our use of cloth as a tool of engagement.

A 1/2 day workshop results in each participant producing a card template of their torso. This can be used to develop sleeveless tunics, tops, waistcoats or jerkins that fit the person’s body.

No sewing skill is required


Discussion topics:

Technology, weaving and fibres. Origins of cloth.

The ‘feel’ of cloth on skin. Tight or loose?, feeling versus appearance.

Framing the face. Showing and Hiding.

Dressing as performance. Fitting in and standing out.

Signs. Some notes about the garment industry, industrial production methods and issues around size.

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