Shirts, getting Shirty. An aid to communication

I love shirting. The fabric that exists and that is manufactured for shirts. It sounds. In fact I must record it. Perhaps the sound is an indication of weave and quality. It’s weave is tight and the surface gently reflects a glow. The stripes are woven in either warp or weft and the colours tone according to the density and proximity of other coloured threads. I don’t know where most of the worlds shirting is made now but i think it may be India and Italy, but that’s a guess. I don’t think any shirting is woven in the UK anymore. Something about selling the looms off. The variations are infinite.

To get shirty comes from ‘get your shirt off’ which means get ready to fight indicating that a shirt might inhibit aggression and contain the violence. Perhaps starched shirts inhibit movement. The shirt contains the body and restrains violent behaviour.

A friend told me last night, that her friend’s adolescent daughter covered herself in a duvet in order to give herself the courage to ask her mother whether she could buy her sanitary products. The power invisibility gives the speaker. Or is it that the speaker does not think that she could bear to see how her words made her mother feel. Is it shame? So interesting.

shirts off

cotton picker

cotton picking

cotton mouth

get shirty


Cotton comes from a Mallow plant called Gossypia and the cotton part protects the seed. In India the cotton is hand pollinated frequently by children. It is hard to pick and hurts the hands. A job for slaves. A booming business.

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