The questions about dressing that I am eager to explore.

The business of dressing has become very complicated. There are so many criteria to satisfy. Comfort, practicality, message conveyance. It’s a wonder we ever make it on to the street. Thankfully there are an array of acceptable options provided by the brands in whom we place our trust and we note that the people we wish to connect with are also placing their faith in these brands. There are people who write about the anxiety of dressing and purchasing habits of women. Others who see clothes shopping as an exercise in affirmation when conducted with friends and family. With clothes now sooooo cheap because of superior technologies, increased exploitation of labourers and efficient production of fibres we seem compelled to buy more and more clothes. The cheapness allows for mistakes. They encourage impulse buying. Experimentation.

I want to know why we seem to have an unending desire for more clothes long before the one’s we are wearing have even been worn a few times.

Why do we proclaim that clothes are unimportant-when we act as though they are the only thing that matters.

All dressing is an experiment

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